The Florist - created, textured, and rendered in Zbrush

Character Collections - made in photoshop/manga studio 5

The Roleplay Ladies Collection - a series of characters, women, all designed based on classical RPG classes

The Berserker

The Druid

The Warrior

The Paladin

The Thief

The Warlock

The Mage

The Ranger


What is Laochra?

Laochra is a multimedia collection of concept art for a hypothetical game that is focused on women, particularly queer women and women of color. In less artsy terms it's my senior thesis project - 9 months, 12 characters, 13 collaborators - all in the name of this concept art project. It evolved from the above illustrations, the RPG ladies collection, and has become an ebook. Each character has voiced monologues, theme music, and in depth writings about their homes and selves. Each character is unique, is themselves, is special - each is a labor of love to create fully realized female characters. The project also includes fleshed out designs for world building and enemy designs!

Who is Laochra?

Maybe it's you? Do you love video games? Do you feel marginalized in those "gamer" spaces? Do you want to play a woman who is a fully realized character wearing practical armor? Are these you? Then it's you. Welcome aboard.

Why is Laochra?

I've created Laochra because I love videogames and I love being a woman, and those shouldn't be antithetical statements. This collection is a love letter to women, a gathering of everything that I love about characters, and love about creating - this is about that, but actually putting women in places of power. In places of agency. Of carving out a space for ourselves. Of unabashedly being ourselves.

This is about us. This is for us.