Emily Waters


Recent grad of Stamp's School of Art and Design at University of Michigan. Proud owner of a BFA in Art and Design and a minor in Creative Writing.

I'm an illustrator and concept artist with a special love for character design. Television and movies are what inspire me and push me to follow my dreams - especially animated pieces. Most recently I've begun to learn a lot about video games which has allowed me a platform to talk about myself in a way that I'm comfortable with.

I fell in love with the fantastical from a young age and haven't looked back since - from Harry Potter to Pokemon I'm drawn to all things that spark the imagination. This naturally led to an affinity for narrative work and as I grow I find myself eager to consume all kinds of narratives. 

I am currently based in Portland!

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Contact Details:

Phone: (906)285-2639

Email: watersem@umich.edu

Blog Link: thisbearspeakswords.tumblr.com